Force of Gravity
The reason why Newton's theory of gravity calculates as g=m/r^2
in 3-dimensional space can be seen in this image:

force of gravity

As the distance from the planet is doubled, so the force of gravity must spread out over four times the area. This is why r is to the power 2. (It squares).

If the universe were two-dimensional (a flat plane), then, when the distance from the body doubled, the force of gravity would spread out over twice the space. (r would not be squared)

force of gravity

But as our universe is three-dimensional, the force of gravity decreases by nine times when we are three times further away. This is why the variable ‘r’ is the denominator (at the bottom) and is squared: Because the force of gravity must be divided and get smaller exponentially the further away we get from the source of the gravity.

Force of Gravity

But we take it for granted the distribution is perfect in either system. Why could gravity not be something like g=m/r^2.0000000000001 ?

Such would constitute a difference of a thousandth of a mm for every light year. We would never notice it. But we take it on faith that the fraction is not there. We just know it is not so.


The following articles are quick, and easy-to-read:

Proof for instant gravity
Or do you assume that popular opinion trumps geometry?

Special Relativity orbits
The affect of the limit at the velocity of light on an eccentric orbit.

General Relativity orbits

How an orbit would be shaped if gravity moves at lightspeed

Triple Orbit Software
Is this the only algorithm which h
as computed 3 gravity fields?


gravity simulation relativity


Gravity software analysis


Gravitational Waves & General Relativity

A computational analysis of the theory of gravitational waves; as expressed within Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and the wider realm of Astrophysics. Essentially a critique, this study has been written for the purpose of explaining the unobvious challenges faced in building graphically dynamic evolutionary computer models. These models compute the theoretical functionality of gravitational waves in the celestial paradigms of solar system formation and galaxy formation.


The likelihood of circular orbits, given gravity and chance, are much the same regardless of the gravitational exponent. Even near-circular orbits are rare. Consider how much less like a solar system this would be if it were in three dimensions. Here are many bodies programmed using g=m/r^2, but with random starting points and no force of spin:

force of gravity

What this shows is that the very essence of design, of form, of the universe itself, is intrinsically conscious; because without consciousness there can be no design, for consciousness is a necessary feature of design.

As the Universe is clearly designed, consciousness must be at the root of it. This is termed Teleology. That the physical universe has an end point, a goal, and that all the laws of nature, known and unknown, are deliberately directed towards this final construct.


This animation shows that in order for a solar system to form, the planets must have started from a position of spin or else the planets in the solar system would not have uniform orbits. A star already in a uniform orbit going nova dictates the starting positions of the planets.

force of gravity

More on solar system formation here: Solar System Formation

The software used to generate this animation is at these links:
OG6: orbit-game-6.exe 


A similar program was used to demonstrate how and why the Moon slowly recedes from the Earth. The gravity of the Sun is gently tugging on the Moon at 4cm per year.

force of gravity
More on why the moon recedes from the Earth here:
Moon Receding from Earth
To download this program and watch in real time, click here: orbit-game-5.exe


Another program was constructed to demonstrate the solution to Rubin's problem and the obscure nature of rotation curves of Spiral Galaxies.

force of gravity

More information on rotation curves of Spiral Galaxies here:
Rubin's Problem & Rotation Curves of Galaxies & Rubin's Problem Animated
& Oscillations in Rotation Curves of Spiral Galaxies
Summary of Rotation Curves of Galaxies,
describes the nature of how dark matter does not affect Newton's law of gravity

To observe this process in real time, download here: orbit-game-4.exe
or orbit-game-4-2.exe which has variables you can tweak.
orbit-game-4-3.exe has more detail showing the binary pair separating,
which is why more recent stars are emitted more slowly, and older stars more rapidly.


This software deals with the shapes of Binary Orbits.

Binary   Orbits

To observe this process in real time, download here: orbit-game-8.exe.


This page details the Big Unwind (previously called the 'Big Bang')

The Big Unwind

To observe an animation of this process in real time, click here: Big Unwind


In order to generate this software,
some other questions needed to be answered:

Xeno's Paradox,
which deals with the math of Max Planck and quantum time,

Quantum Gravity,
which explains the slingshot affect, and

The Many-Body-Problem,
which opens a myriad of other possibilities.


As a consequence of this software some
fundamental questions were answered:

Dark Matter
was solved due to answering the question on
rotation curves of Spiral Galaxies.

Dark Energy
was solved when applying all these calculations
to the nature of how the Big Bang unwound.

Gravitational Lensing & Binary Orbits & Gravity Simulators

Relativity Revised
Einstein's errors have been corrected.


How birds and other flying phenomenon defy gravity: Principles of Flight

Principles of Flight: How Birds Fly


The undeniable point being that in order to get anything to work properly, regardless of whether it is a solar system, galaxy, life-form, or flying machine, it would need to be deliberately and perfectly designed to do so. But a more subtle point implied in this, is that we need to have Cartesian Dualism as an intrinsic and fundamental feature of the system in question. Design implies that the perspective of design stands outside from that which is being designed.

The blueprint for the design of a house cannot be part of the house itself. The blueprint must be external to the house. Similarly, if the blueprint of an object were intrinsically and completely inside the object being designed it would need to have existed in its pure form before it manifested in its physical form, which means that its true form would have to be a priori to its physical form. Thus the underlying reality of the physical world is a construct like the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave.


If this is all a bit much to try and absorb at once, it would be s good idea to buy the book. These ideas are better discussed in the logical progression outlayed in print format. There are many more diagrams and countless new designs for weird and wonderful aircraft in the book.





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