Proof Against The Big Bang


There are several main avenues of proof against the Big Bang.

The first is that most theory that espouses the Big Bang also considers the principles of Relativity to be sacrosanct. But if the Big Bang starts with all the matter in the universe in a singularity then the force of gravity would be so powerful that the escape velocity would be many times beyond the velocity of light. Thus nothing would be able to escape the singularity for any reason within the bounds of Special Relativity. In affect, the singularity at the start of the universe would be a static black-hole.

The second problem is that if we then apply the principles of General Relativity to the singularity, we would have to consider that time would slow to a standstill. General Relativity dictates that time stops due to the excessive gravity of the event horizon of a singularity that contains all the mass in the universe. This universe would be still-born. So we simply must dispense with time-dilation from General Relativity for this reason as well as reasons discussed elsewhere.

But even if we get past these concepts, there is still a vast problem with a fundamental force that is powerful enough to overcome the gravity of everything in the universe. The electromagnetic force will not help because all the positive and negative particles in the universe cancel each other out. We would need a massive excess of either positive or negative charge to get enough repulsion to overcome all the gravity in the universe.

Even if we suppose that a distant part of the universe does have excessive charge - enough to cause the Big Bang, then the shape of matter and orbital structures would be quite different. There would be no reason for predominant ecliptic plains to exist if the start of the universe was chaotic and explosive by nature. Elliptical galaxies would be almost the only type of galaxy, and there would be no reason for flat spiral galaxies to exist at all.

If the solar system formed from the debris of an explosion, then the planets would be orbiting in all manner of directions, angles, eccentricities, and axial rotations. An explosion would cause orbital structures to be vastly more entropic and random. If debris coalesced to form bodies, then the largest bodies would certainly be spinning the slowest. But the largest bodies are far and away spinning at rates so high that they must have formed whilst spinning.

Those who have used the various gravity simulators in this project will have noticed that with the starting position and momentum of numerous bodies being random - binary pairs form less than 1% of the time. And yet more than half the stars observed are in binary pairs.

Observe this looped animation:

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proof against big bang

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