28 September 2012

The Data Model below explains how Galactical Rotation Curves in Spiral Galaxies form due to twin centers of gravity. Note how there is no velocity at the middle. The two centers of gravity move slower than the outer stars. The laws of gravity do not need to be altered at all. Everything works according to the basic Newtonian law: g=m/r^2
As the Spiral Galaxy sheds mass, the light it emits is lost and a dark halo of mass then spirals out as Dark Matter.


Rubens Problem ~ Rotation curves of Galaxies


Dark Energy is the innate spin within the early universe. Two objects spinning in unison will overcome their gravitational attraction and sustain circular orbital stability. It is extremely unlikely that a stable spinning pair will form due to randomness. Thus they must have originated from a single spinning object to maintain uniform circularity. Their spin must have become so powerful as to force them apart beyond the pull of gravity. This dynamic nature of the centrifugal force is calculated for planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole.


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Binary Spiral Galaxy Calculated


More images of rotation curves of galaxies


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