Skald 1 ... Wyrd Runes of the Dolmen ... Scroll 2

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So the hobbitlings needed to know that the tales he read from the Wyrd Runes were real. These tales were nothing like the human-stories that were full of make-believe and nonsense that the Ogres tell that kept everyone in a state of fear, to ensure they all worked so hard and bitterly at chopping down trees to burn in the great furnaces that fueled the Ogre-tractors.

True stories need to be hidden behind moonlight.

Sparrow-cloud's humming was exotic, but the trepidation entrenched in the hobbitlings was disturbing. Tumby and Tomby, nervous as they were, had still been the only ones that would even dare venture out into the night. Tumby clutched at his helm, as he sat with his legs wrapped around it. Bravely, he had taken it off, but still clung to it. Whereas Tomby still had her helm tightly fastened to her head, and would never take it off, even whilst sleeping, as was becoming the disturbing trend amongst so many of the villagers.

Sparrow-cloud's hair, was long, just as Fallah's was too. As rune-readers they had managed to convince the Ogres that the length of their hair would protect them from the dragon-flame. Though nobody really believed that, and mocked them behind their ears. Her hair was a midnight black, where his was already fading into grey, revealing his human side; his mortality. But at least, they had something of an excuse to not wear a helm.

As the humming softened, and ended, Tumby plucked up the courage to prod at Fallah. "Come on, old coot, carry on the skald from last night". At which point Tomby's eyes alighted and she chipped in, "yes, what happened next? Did the gnomes really try and trap the Dragon by pretending to build a castle for it, or were they helping it?"

Fallah's brow twitched as he pondered the question... Next Scroll