Skald 1 ... Wyrd Runes of the Dolmen ... Scroll 3

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"Well some suggest that they were really working together all along, and just pretending to fight so as to trick the Men of the desert into thinking they were too busy with one another to be a threat to them".

Tomby, sneered, "your stories always do this, nobody ever knows who is really on who's side, and everybody is always pretending, and its all confusing. Tell a better story about orcs, like Nik-lot does, so that we know who the bad people are".

Fallah grimaced and replied "Nik-lot tells make-believe stories, approved by the Ogres", and then his eyes left her and fixed on her brother with a penetrating stare. "I tell real stories, the way they were told by the ancient bragis, see here", and he pointed to the Wyrd Runes on the Dolmen just as the moon alighted from a cloud and they could see the engraving more clearly. Tumby tightened his legs around his helmet, and considered putting it on for a moment. Then he bravely pushed it aside, and ran his fingers over the edge of the Dolmen.

"Who engraved the Wyrd Runes on the Dolmen, Fallah?"

By this stage Tumby's attention had drifted away from the story, and the two girls had started hand-dancing with one another. Their fingers mingling deftly into intricate dance-patterns as their soft giggles danced another tune. "The Wyrd Runes, are not engraved by anyone. They engrave themselves, by magic of course."

"I don't see how its possible for engravings to just engrave themselves, I don't reckon its magic" said Tumby "you just making this up as you go along".

"Well why not take your dagger, and see if you can engrave a few then?"

"You always told me I was not allowed to do that... Next Scroll