Skald 2 ... Wail of the White Buffalo ... Scroll 3

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And the white ones - the Saxons - revealed themselves their spokesman. And his hair was as a white buffalo. Then the white buffalo told them that the Indians can gno that the buffalo children were destined to build the Astroslings and other spacecraft, beyond mere rockets. And thence to construct the Centaur's Bow. Which will open up new worlds around other stars.

And this Centaur's bow,
is alike unto Noah's ark,
yet not for travelling over the sea.

... but for traversing the stars.
For these oceans of our world will flood again.

The Rainbow's warning is often mistakenly assumed to be a promise that it would never occur again, from God. But instead it is simply that God will give ample warning to all, what needs to be built: for the Astrosling is the Space-Ark.

So in honor of their struggle and sorrow at the loss which was not the massacre of the buffalo, but instead it is a spell of socrcery whereby the bufallos were transmogrified into the white people.

So red indians will be offered the first taste of the New Planet, after the flood, so that they might fill entire worlds with buffalo. No need for your wailings. Instead be excstatic that your buffalo can be transmogrified into engineers of iron and fire. To take you to the stars.

And as Crow left behind him the dead American and his earth-quake grave, the sound of Fish-eagle caught the distant tip of a cloud.