Soccer Chess - Dice Soccer

This is a fast-download, free, quick, and easy to play game.
An entirely free game of soccer chess; less than 1mb.

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Chess-Soccer Chessboard Rules:

You can also play Dice Soccer without a computer.

Use just a dice, two chess-boards, a coin (the ball) and the chess-pieces as players.

Roll the dice, then pass the ball into a square or to a player by the number on the dice.
The nearest player then moves onto that square and takes the ball.

If two players from opposite sides are equal squares away from the ball, then contest the ball with another dice roll for each side, so that the highest roll takes the ball and that square.

Suggestions for setting up the pieces: Place 8 pieces from each side on the 2nd square from the goal. Then roll a dice for each and advance that piece by that number. The last two pieces are placed in turn by each side, but may not be more than 2 squares into the opponents half. Roll to see who chooses to place their forwards first, the other side gets to start the game with a forward near the center spot.

Innovate the rules to suit your needs, but because its awkward to keep time without the computer to count moves, play to (perhaps) the first to score 2 goals.

Practise against the computer for a bit, and then challenge your grandpa to the chessboard variety if he does not quite get these fandangly computer thingys.

Play Fair.



Screenshot of soccer-chess game:



Download: fast-download-soccer {0.95mb}
Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.

Jonathan Ainsley Bain
South Africa, March 2021 AD

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