Download LIGO simulation software orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe (OGS11)

A Computational Analysis of Einstein’s Theories of Relativity,
set to the scale of the LIGO gravitational-wave experiment GW150914.
This software allows various physical laws to be demonstrated
and even altered by the user in real-time.

Download LIGO simulation software

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orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe (0.7 mb).

Tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows XP
Version 11.333 released 11 March 2017

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then this app won't work so good.

For a screenshot and description of how this
LIGO gravity simulator operates
Click here: simulator-physics-OGS11

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gravitational waves


I see every reason to suggest that gravity is instantaneous, or else binary star-systems would spiral outwards, and in affect they would be non-existent. The limit on the velocity of light would result in eccentric singular orbits spiraling inwards and they would also therefore not exist. Or at least such in-spiral would be more easily detected than the supposed precession of the orbit of Mercury. In light of this analysis I see no reason to believe that there is any limit at the velocity of light. It is only the limits we place on our own minds which prevents us from flying through space faster than light, due to spin.

This software is the result of the efforts of one individual. Please feel inspired to improve on it; because I do not claim it to be perfect by any means. But until you have (at least) actually built software which represents an evolutionary solution to the many-body-problem in a Newtonian-gravity paradigm it would be wise to withhold your judgment. Most specifically, to claim that Einstein's Relativities are logical when you cannot configure 3 (much simpler) Newtonian gravity fields in the same computational evolutionary paradigm is sheer dogmatic parroting.


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What do triple orbits look like?
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triple orbit orbit software







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