Digital Character Sheet:

The app character.exe is a role-play character sheet.
Totally free, it is designed to augment traditional role-play that uses dice, real people and web-cams.
digital character sheet
Download here (+- 188 kb):
role-play online

All the items it generates use a very simple text-based data structure that can be easily edited in notepad.
Each item is saved as a .ddd file,
each abilitiy or spell is a .dda file,
and a character is a .ddz file.
Lists of items appear as .ddc files, sample: streetwise.ddc
These are all just normal .txt files that use these suffix types to make it easier for the app to read specific files.

It has been tested on Windows 10, but uses simple API code, so it should run fine on most operating systems.

If you are worried about .exe programs, generally you should try virustotal which cross-references dozens of anti-virus solutions:

screen-shot of digital character sheet

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