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Sum General Theory

Sum Theory demonstrates gravity in computational paradigms of two or more bodies. Applying the various theories in astrophysics to the solar system and beyond, every attempt is made to preserve each detail of the Relativities: whether from Einstein (Special and General), Feynman, Lorentz, Numerical Relativity, or the wider scope of other Post-Newtonian theories.

The key criterion being that theories on gravity must be in agreement with commonly observed astronomical data – and – they must be logically consistent within themselves. Thus the laws of physics cannot contradict themselves as a minimum standard of validity. The simulators used here differ from other online simulators, in that they are not driven by historical records of celestial data. Instead, starting parameters are used in conjunction with the various theories on the laws of gravitational physics to evolve purely according to those theories with two or more bodies.

Many other algorithms were used to devise Sum Theory, but the primary program for this chapter is called orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe (OGS12). It is available for free download at these links:
Help files explaining this algorithm are here:

Most other online ‘solar system simulators’ simply describe planetary orbits according to recorded historical data. Where OGS12 (orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe) differs, is that the user can select only the Newtonian laws, or individually turn on-and-off, both Special and/or General Relativity; then observe the alternative results. The user can also press pause and then move the planets' position, change their velocity, and observe how the various laws of gravity generate orbits thereafter. OGS12 is thus driven not only by data, but by the most widely variable interactive evolutionary physics algorithm possible.

Jonathan Ainsley Bain
13 March 2018 AD
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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This is an extract summary of Chapter XXX of the book: Flight Light and Spin
Download page for relativity simulation: algorithm orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe

The full chapter can be downloaded here: Sum-Theory.pdf
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