Skald 2 ... Wail of the White Buffalo ... Scroll 1

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Some have argued and complained ; then sung and howled ; at the massacre of the buffalo... as much as I have certainly lamented the consequent decimation of the tribes. But reality is often more a matter of perspective, and there are certainly more than two perpectives out there.

Mine is the perpective of Crow. And by Crow I am not talking of the tribe, but of the bird itself. For mine eyes are at moon-light, even keener than Eagle's eye is at midday. And if I but take a bite of those corpse-eyes, as pray, I can see the spirits walk from their lay corpses...

Then gnos I, the sway of the soul into the next world ; the etheric world, from whence the spirit can go many places. Such are the manifold realms that the newly dead soul may wander, that I have not time to mention them all now. Suffice to say, that whomsever kills you, takes your soul into its fold ; and you will incarnate as their kin of spirit within the very next moon or two. Or three if its winter and there is a blood moon.

So its clear that those whom murdered the buffalo, then gave birth to the spirits of those buffalo.

You look to the plains and you may wail, "they massacred the buffalo !!", just as I wail too. But I say to you: "the white people ARE the buffalo!!!", the same countless millions that YOU have hunted for many moons before your ancestors ever saw a paleface.

Then I pecked at the other eye..

And I began to gno beyond etheric worlds which I had seen before, and deep ... deep into the Astral realm ; where it became clear, that this had been the buffalo's intent all along....!

For aching were their sides from your arrows and tomahawks. Where their wounds bled rivers for time beyond the stars. And those howls of anguish ran high into the wells of stars that are too far to even see.