Virtual Single Slit Experiment

These are the results of a little applciation I wrote a while back. I have not published the app itself as yet, because it is such a simple algorithm, that it should be easy to replicate; even by under-graduate programmers. In fact, its a great exersize. Another reason being, that pressed for time, it was not worth the effort to make it user-friendly. But I may publish it at a later date.

slit experiment - virtual

The diagram above should describe itself better than any words, as to what the single-slit experiment entails. It measures the effects of a purely Euclidean physic regarding photon particles, and the resulting light-pattern. Photons in this hypothesis exist purely as particles without any mysterious wave-form.

After some 12000 photons reacted with the walls of the slit, the results were pretty clear and should speak for themselves:


The pattern that forms is a consequence of the number of bounces each photon makes with the walls of the slit. Its that simple. For example, those that bounced three times off the slit walls, clumped together. Those that bounced four times, formed their own bands of patterns separately.

Changing the width and length of the slit altered the pattern. Increasing the distance between the slit and the image, magnified the pattern. Just normal geometry here.

Why would anyone need a double-slit experiment to get such results when it works fine with one? Why claim that it proves the 'wavicle' nature of light, when such patterns actually prove that light consists of particle-photons only?

Others have claimed that such experiments show how consciousness has some 'magical'
effect on the photons. But every single one of those cannot demonstrate such experiments in reality. Fanciful papers with much jargon and very sophistic "academic style", of course have all the veneer of "science", don't they?

Just more 20th century pseudo-science exposed for the sophistry that it is.

~ Jonathan Ainsley Bain, 26 July 2021.

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