The cause of the binary in-spiral


An interesting feature of the original article by Abbot is that no mention is made of Special Relativity, only General Relativity is mentioned. Now I have already shown in section 2 of this chapter that the interpretation of General Relativity made by Abbot is at best neo-Einstein due to the source energy of the gravitational-wave being originally described by Hawking/Einstein as stemming from loss of motion – and not a loss of mass as Abbot would have it. Of course loss of motion as a source for gravitational-waves may cause some in-spiral.

Hawking quote gravitational wave time

So if we try and conceptualize the cause of the in-spiral being due to loss in velocity as Hawking describes gravitational-waves, then the amount is too small by a factor expressed like this:

1 thousand million million million million years divided by 1 Age of the Universe (U-Age) = 70 000 million million U-Ages for the Earth to spiral into the Sun.
500 U-Age for just 1 mm of in-spiral from the Earth to the Sun.

Yet the GW150914 data requires 350km of in-spiral in a fraction of a second.

So the in-spiral estimate of Hawking/Einstein does not even remotely approach the amount of in-spiral required by the LIGO data.


So I constructed orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe (OGS11) in order to see what affect the various formulae of Special Relativity and General Relativity have on the evolution of a system such as GW150914. It just so happens that when we reduce velocity as an object approaches the velocity of light as Special Relativity asks us to, we do actually get an in-spiral which is reasonably close to the required amount.

in-spiral special relativity

However it is curious that Abbot makes no mention of the in-spiral from the limit on the velocity of light. Special Relativity is not mentioned as part of the GW150914 phenomenon at all.

But it also struck me that the affects of gravity must be delayed due to the force of gravity being propagated at the velocity of light. This delay in the time it takes for the gravity to reach the opposing body will also affect the shape of their orbits. This leads to the next question...



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