Internal time of photons



Internal Time of Photons

In Chapter XXVII (Relativity Revised) I suggested that if time slows down due to excessive velocity from Special Relativity, then this is mathematically the same as velocity slowing down. So consider an object that moves a distance=10 after time=1. Then consider that when it becomes relativised it would be at distance=10 after time=2. I concluded that this is the same as the velocity halving and the rate of time staying the same.

Numerous characters using non-de-plums on various internet forums claimed that I had misunderstood Relativity, and that it is only the time internal to the moving object that experiences time-dilation. The consequence, they claimed, is that internal time will stop for any object travelling at the velocity of light – like for example: the internal time of a photon.

But if the internal time of the photon is unchanging, then there would be no properties of the photon which move. Everything internal to the photon should be frozen in time.

But photons are said to have spin, wavelength and frequency, all of which are dependent on time moving from the internal perspective of the photon. So time cannot be frozen internally to the photon, if it did then internal features of the photon such as photon-spin, wavelength and frequency would have to be observed as unmoving.

This is clear as starlight. But even so, the velocity of the photon is still able to be considered from the inside-perspective of the photon. So the internal parts of the photon would never have moved if time for them had halted? The surface of the photon has never moved from the internal-perspective of the photon? None of the photon moves – from an internal-perspective!? It is not that simultaneity breaks down – it is that Special Relativity is broken – it has never worked – it is in fact almost entirely illogical.


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