Relativity and planets' orbits - summary of sections



How Relativity Effects the Orbits of Planets - Summary

1 Sum Theory   Relativity and the orbit of the Solar-system
2 Absolute, Relative Velocity   Orbits, rotations and reference frames
3 Mercury   How Relativity changes the orbit of Mercury
4 Alpha Centauri   Relativity alters the Alpha Centauri binary
5 Jupiter   General Relativity and Jupiter's orbit
6 Earth   Relativity and the orbit of the Earth
7 Moon   General Relativity and the Moon's orbit
8 Mars   Mars' orbit and the algorithm OGS12
9 Venus   Venus and gravity moving at velocity
10 N-body Relativity   2 or more bodies effect by Relativity
11 Numerical Relativity   A post-mortem of the opposition theory
12 Internal Time of Photons   Internal workings of photon-time
13 Science of the Gaps   Assumptions are not calculations
14 Axiomatic Euclid   The fundamental foundation of logic
15 Gravity Proved Instant   A hypothetical binary system
16 Metaphysics & Cosmology   Putting science into a philosophical context
17 Shape of the Universe   Can we imagine a 4d-shape?
18 Density of the Universe   Local galaxy density
19 Critical Density   Orbital structure subverts radial velocity
20 2-Body Attraction Time   Popular formulae are not always correct
21 Volume of the Universe   Do the numbers add up?
22 Mass of the Universe   How do they get this answer?
23 Size of the Universe   Unifying all the parameters
24 How Binary Stars Form   An unanswered question
25 Software Projects   Development for the future
26 orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe   Download evolutionary algorithm OGS12
27 Using OGS12   Help files for OGS12
28 Section Summary   You are here


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This is an extract summary of Chapter XXX of the book: Flight Light and Spin
Download page for relativity simulation: algorithm orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe

The full chapter can be downloaded here: Sum-Theory.pdf
(5.5 mb, 57 pages, this pdf file is too big for chrome, use firefox)

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Further Reading and other Algorithms:

OGS11: orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe
This Relativity Simulator Software examines the famous LIGO experiment in a
computational evolutionary paradigm. See the extract summary of those results
or the full analysis of the LIGO experiment GW150914. (.pdf file)

OG8: orbit-game-8.exe
A simple easy to use orbit generator without exact scales
that demonstrates the potential orbits of planets around binary star systems.

Other OGS: orbit gravity simulators
A list of previous orbit simulators that simulate numerous other facets of gravity,
including how the solar system formed from a one of a binary pair of stars going nova.

Summary of Relativity: proof against relativity
A summary of these articles which examines in detail
how Relativity is analysed with computer algorithms.

Gravitational Waves & General Relativity:
Examining the foundational philosophy of General Relativity,
and how it yields ideas in blatant contradiction to computational logic.

The Astrosling:
The design of a space-probe that realizes the fastest route to the stars,
potentially reaching beyond the speed of light.


What is the Speed of Gravity?
A brief outline of the core arguments in this thesis

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Relativity simulator