Skald 2 ... Wail of the White Buffalo ... Scroll 2

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Then the forces of darkness rose up in the night.

And bewitched the West Winds.

The cries in the West Winds swelled a lament of spiralling power ... blowing sorcery across the oceans ... and brought with those howls and screetches, the white races. And with them they also brought the other red races, those of the red hair who our ancestors knew from long before.

Beyond the distant cousins of the Inuits, their cousins the Laplanders, those are the cousins of these Vikings. Where we traded bows with each other in the frozen land since time immorial. And from thense we knew each other as the Red children of our common blood moon. Pierced by an arrow.

But it was their enemies, the Saxons, whom the West Winds did now summon. And they slaughtered those buffalo with their rifles. Then became the children of bufallo. Iron and fire ; as karma would have it. They are a spear on your sides now. And it aches to see them fill the plains with their cities of sorcery.

I looked down at the body which had been unearthed in an earthquake. And before my wings took to the moon's light, I took one last peck at its finger, so that it could point to the way of the wind that night.

Then aflight did I swallow. And saw the future unfold in the clouds before me. A world-path lit with anger and split with a decision and indecision. Where the Buffalo children, stood before the red tribes who now stood together. Viking and Lakota, and Cheyenne. And behind them the Inuit and the Laplander. And the ghosts of our forgotten brethren: the Atltlanticans, children of the Atlanteans.