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Fast Download Soccer Game - Dice Soccer

Dice Soccer is a fast download soccer game, the easiest game in the world to play.
An absolutely completely free strategy-game of soccer: Less than 1mb.

Fast download soccer game here:
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Fast Download Soccer


Download: fast-download-soccer : {0.95mb}

Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.

Dice Soccer is most fun as a two-player game, or you can schoose to play against the computer.
This PC game is a fast download free game of soccer that is less than 1mb in size.

Dice Soccer can also be enjoyed:
with just a dice, two chess-boards, a coin (the ball) and the chess-pieces as players...
more about the analog game on this
link: Soccer Chess (rules for offline game)

Jonathan Ainsley Bain
South Africa, March 2021 AD

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Free Strategy Soccer

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