Relativity is Pseudo-science

So the Emperor has no clothes.

Pseudo-science falls under the question 'what is science?' and thus it is technically 'metaphysics'. How the word 'metaphysics' has itself been publicly diluted of its intended meaning, is at the core of the travesty. Metaphysics is the name given to the process of deciding: what is science, and what is not science!

Those who claim that 'metaphysics is pseudo-science' do not have the vaguest clue as to what the words 'science' and 'metaphysics' mean. They should be pointed towards a dictionary.

That most 'scientists' ignore this, with derision; and that some dictionary definitions also partially take on this false veneer, shows the extent to which dogma has replaced method in contemporary academia.

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And the real success in modern engineering originates with science that is mostly prior to Einstein's popularity. Academia celebrates those successes of the distant past as their own. How the ghosts of Tesla, Galileo, Newton, Descartes, Pythagoras, and Euclid must be howling with indignation at the prime sophist: Einstein.

As was seen in the previous articles, when Einstein's formulae are applied to the solar system in evolutionary algorithms, then the planets would move from their stable Newtonian orbits by amounts that are not at all in-keeping with geological time-frames. If gravity moved at light-speed, the moon would depart Earth at over 400m for each of its orbits. This would place the moon at the impossible position of the Earth's surface less than 70 thousand years ago.

Earlier articles showed numerous proofs against Einstein. Certainly GPS can not use his Relativity - that is just another vulgar internet rumor.


Keywords to research the psychology of pseudo-science are:
group-think, sophistry, science of the gaps, argument from authority, argumentum ad hominem (personal attack) and the authority-figure. But all you really need are logic and courage. Any computer programming language will force the logic out of you given enough time and effort. Courage? Perhaps spend some time in Africa.

Established pseudo-science likes to use the phrase 'conspiracy-theory' to detract from its deceit. If anyone who theorizes about a conspiracy is wrong for doing so, then conspiring becomes the very definition of acceptable! It is wrong to reveal a conspiracy? How deep the rot lies!!

The mentality of neo-fascism is simply that the more an idea is monetized then the more it is said to be true. And if it is a new idea then it is said to be false. The simplest method ever contrived: Rule by naked Emperor.


It is vital to see that sophistry relies on hidden complexity within jargon which really just filibusters the contradictions in the theory. Be aware of locating the psychological dissonance in others, and especially in yourself, as a vital clue to where falsehood has been masked with assumption and belligerence. It is not all that hard to identify egotism.

Be mindful of the emotive tactic of belittlement which avoids any question of logic by making derisive suggestions towards the questioner. These usually attempt to refocus away from their error with the phrase: 'YOU do not understand', rather than simply explaining the issue.

The sighing and rehearsed 'hurrumphing' are all part of what convinced that person to capitulate to the false idea in the first place. Such psychological trickery is often the hallmark of those who ironically claim that psychology is pseudo-science.


The pseudo-scientist relinquishes to feelings of inferiority and thus pretends to see how wonderful the Emperor's clothes are. Remember they are only deceiving you, because they were themselves deceived by their own ego.

The false integrity of ego is what reinforces the delusion. They do not want to appear foolish. That is why they pretend to understand that which is not understandable.

When the anger surfaces, then you have trapped your beastie. Be swift and precise with your analysis. It is often better to be stoic rather than empathetic; but that is a judgment call that depends on the situation.

The primary tactic of pseudo-science is to continually appeal to ever-more jargon in order to avoid blatant contradictions. This is the grand failing of the by-rote exam method which reinforces sophistry with the glamour of status. Any complex idea consists of numerous basic logical ideas, so continually shifting the goal-posts with regurgitated catch-phrases is a means to avoiding basic logic.


Don't let them get away with this. The more they try avoid logic, keep returning to the contradiction. Here is where they were often bullied into accepting the sophistry, and they will attempt to use anger and jargon in the same way it was used upon them. You are entitled to keep repeating their error if they keep avoiding the logic of it. Ask: 'Who taught you that?' so that they recall how the sophistry became embedded in their psyche.

The main articles listed on my homepage deal with all the formulae of Relativity in turn, and open up more contradictions at almost every step. This is ultimately a subject of ethics; because the shining example of academia and the scientific method, is actually false. Thus the future is a potential disaster. Remember ww1, ww2 and apartheid; when madmen and fools became rulers? That was just a consequence of ignoring logic in favor of superficial status.

That was the shadow of fear over-powering logos.


The popular Relativist deceit is to detract from their contradictory paradigm with the phrase: 'the Earth is not an inertial reference frame' - all the while ignoring the fact that the Earth is used as a reference frame through-out; most specifically in the 'twins paradox' as well as the Michelson-Morley experiment.

Of course velocity is not inertia anyway.
Relativity formulae only use velocity; never inertia.
It is easy to bluntly refute everything I have said here because: 'Nobel prize'.

But if you think logic does not matter as much as accolades, regalia, ribbons and trophies, then you are encouraging the anti-meritocracy: neo-fascism. Are we going to relive the 20th century all over again? Or are YOU willing to live and die for the sake of Truth at every point? Because the longer you wait to live purely for Truth, the sooner you will be beguiled to die for lies.

History is waiting for you.
Your offspring will inherit your shadow and also your light. Then your ghost will watch in the evermore, in anguish or in satisfaction, at the consequences of your actions: NOW!


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