FRES : Future Rapid Effects System

FRES: Future Rapid Effects System

Entothopter Project
The un-powered Entothopter is airborne and stable in gale-force winds.
Notice the trees being swayed to the right at the bottom of this image.



Principle of Flight: Experiments

The principle whereby the Entothopter flies is demonstrated in these simple experiments.

Alternative Aircraft Design
Ruler Test
Flying Ruler


The Principle of Flight: Powered Entothopter
The powered Entothopter struggled to get off the ground
as the centrifugal force collapses the wing.
Flight Experiment
Fun Project
After shortening the wing to avoid this problem, there was just enough lift to get off the ground for a couple of inches for about a second. Enough to prove that the project is 100% viable.


Principle of Flight: Centrifugal Force
Centrifugal Force


The Principle of Flight: Structured Entothopter
These diagrams illustrate the structure required to avert the centrifugal problem.
Centrifugal Wing
ezekiel 10:10
Principle of Flight for  helicopter in bad weather

The dimensions for the Entothopter have been outlined in sketchup at these links:

Sketchup Entothopter & 3D Printer Projects


Principle of Flight


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