The Principle of Flight


Flight, Light and Spin describes in detail, The Principle of Flight. This theory entails a new type of aircraft: The Entothopter.

The Entothopter flies by utilizing the hidden spin of air molecules according to the equipartition theorem. Spinning molecules generate low pressure vortices that then rise. This is how all winged creatures and machines fly - according to Archimedes Principle.

Cog Dynamics, the Equipartition Theorem, and the Centrifugal force collectively show that the underlying mathematics most appropriate for understanding flight is that of Archimedes.

Here is the quintessential treatise on gravity.

Principle of how birds fly

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Air flowing over wing


Equipartition Theorem


Principle of Flight



Principles of Flight
Principle of Flight
Helicopter Stability


Entothopter Motivation
1) The Entothopter has just two necessary moving parts making it simple to construct and maintain.

2) From a safety and environmental point of view, aerial mass-transit is the future.

3) By pushing air in all directions, birds are far less likely to be affected as they will be pushed away rather than sucked in.

4) The Entothopter has vastly better stability than the helicopter even in the windiest conditions due to its innate design as well as Craig Ormond’s Pendulum Effect. It is therefore ideal for a search and rescue aircraft, medivac, or drones for traffic control fitted with cameras.

5) The Magnus effect can even charge the lithium battery in windy conditions while it is parked on the runway if fitted with a dynamo. Thus it can produce more power than it uses, depending on frequency of use, and weather conditions.

6) It has much smaller dimensions than other aircraft per weight lifted.
Current experimentation (Entothopter I) has a 36cm wingspan lifting as much as 300 grams; compared to a normal R/C helicopter, which has a 20cm wingspan to support a mere 50 grams.

7) It can radically improve the unemployment problem, absorbing professionals as well as unskilled people who are willing to learn and innovate.

8) Even children can partake in testing the best wing-shape with variations on the ruler test.

9) The development phase can inspire huge amounts of investment in a marketing effort to see who can be the first team to construct sustained flight in a host of categories. A highly competitive prize-driven competition can market the investment process.

10) Thus the competitive nature of the development can play a significant role in moving the global economy out of the recession started in 2008, allowing investment in something better than booms, bubbles, busts and bail-outs.


Principle of Flight for  helicopter in bad weather


These diagrams offer solutions to the problem of helicopters capsizing in heavy weather. The reasons behind these structures are explained further here: Helicopter Stability. Or go to the following link for: Sketchup Files.


Sketchup helicopter and entothopter


The Helicopter crash during the Bin Laden mission would not have occured if the helicopter design above had been used.


Bin Laden Helicopter Crash



Principle of Flight




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