Principle of Flight

principle of flight of helicopter

Helicopter Stability

The diagrams displayed all offer solutions to the problem of helicopters capsizing in heavy weather. The reasons behind these structures are explained in the book: Flight, Light, and Spin.

all weather helicopter

The basic principle of flight of a helicopter in bad weather is that a mast on the helicopter will provide stability due to the pendulum effect. But the structure collapses under the extremity of the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force tries to relocate the mass to the center of spin. The further away a number of masts are from the center of rotation, the stronger the structure.

Sketchup files located here: Sketchup Entothopter


A helicopter that can fly in windy weather can save many lives in search and rescue. A design with many masts away from the center of rotation is structurally stronger. In Pendulum-copter 9 (below) the motor is located high above the cockpit. This allows shorter masts which can withstand a greater amount of the centrifugal force. With the motor higher up, the spinning structure is stronger; this maximises the pendulum effect to stabilize flight in bad conditions.

Principle of Flight Helicopter

Flight, Light and Spin describes in detail, The Principle of Flight. This theory entails a new type of aircraft: The Entothopter.

The Entothopter flies by utilizing the hidden spin of air molecules according to the equipartition theorem. Spinning molecules generate low pressure vortices that then rise. This is how all winged creatures and machines fly - according to Archimedes Principle.

Cog Dynamics, the Equipartition Theorem, and the Centrifugal force collectively show that the underlying mathematics most appropriate for understanding flight is that of Archimedes.

Here is the quintessential treatise on gravity.

Principle of how birds fly

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Principle of Flight


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