Proof Against Black-holes

The simplest proof against black-holes is that they supposedly cannot emit anything traveling at or beyond their escape velocity; which is the velocity of light. But these black-holes are then supposed to emit gravitational-waves which travel at the velocity of light. Black-hole theory is founded on the relativistic notion that gravity is curved space. However, the curved space caused by black-holes should result in zero gravity because the gravitational-waves would not be able to breach the escape velocity they themselves have generated.

The next proof against black-holes is that the event horizon of the black-hole would have been affected by time-dilation from General Relativity such that time is said to stop at the surface of the black-hole. So again, the gravitational-wave would not be able to depart the black-hole because it cannot get past the event horizon. The gravitational-wave is supposed to travel at the velocity of light; which being a velocity, requires time to be moving.




Instant Gravity

Seeing beyond popular illusion is the central feature of understanding what understanding itself actually is.

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