Proof Against Relativity

1) Relativity & The Solar System

This article utilizes the latest solar system simulator: orbit-gravity-sim-12.exe which for the first time (2018) demontrates the effects that General Relativity and Special Relativity should have on solar systems. General Relativity should cause an outwards spiral to binary orbits, whilst Special Relativity should cause an inward spiral to eccentric orbits. The Alpha Centauri Binary would separate at over a million km per orbit, whilst Mercury should drift inwards towards the Sun at 2km per orbit - if Relativity was an applicable paradigm.

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the full pdf article: Sum Theory - Chapter 30
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2) Gravitational Waves & General Relativity

There are many proofs against General Relativity outlined in this article. The simplest argument against General Relativity being that black-holes supposedly cannot emit anything traveling at the velocity of light, but these black-holes are then supposed to emit gravitational-waves which travel at the velocity of light. In General Relativity gravity is curved space, so then black-holes should give off zero gravity - if General Relativity is correct.

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or the full pdf article: Gravitational-Waves+General-Relativity.pdf
3) Computational analysis of LIGO GW150914

The LIGO gravitational-wave experiment is analyzed as proof against Relativity by using the computational algorithm orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe which is available as a free download. The simplest essential flaw in the LIGO analysis is that the concept of gravitational-waves has been conflated with the orbital frequency of a binary pair by Abbot (et al) in the peer-reviewed article PhysRevLett.116.061102 which leaves the entire paradigm of 20th century astrophysics without logical foundation. The final results of this analysis can only be fully appreciated by carefully reading the entire article.

Read the html extract summary: Analysis of LIGO GW150914
or the full pdf article: Analysis-GW150914-Bain.pdf
4) Proof for Instant Gravity (BOGVOS)

BOGVOS is Binary-Orbit, Gravity-Velocity, Out-Spiral; which is a fairly simple concept of geometry that proves gravity must be instantaneous. In a Newtonian paradigm, a binary pair of stars will orbit each other forever; but if gravity travels at the velocity of light then each of the stars is pulled by gravity to points where the opposing stars were, and not where they are!

Gravity at velocity should then pull the binary pair of stars at an angle away from the center of the system. The more mass the stars have, the faster they will orbit each other, and the more they would then spiral outwards. A binary pair of 1 solar mass each would spiral apart after about 20 000 orbits if gravity moves at the velocity of light.

Details of BOGVOS with a graph generated by algorithm: Proof of Instant Gravity
or in real time, the download page of orbit-gravity-sim-11.exe: Download OGS11

5) Relativity Revised

This article demonstrates a number of proofs against Special Relativity. The simplest argument against Special Relativity is that atoms of the same element and isotope should have precisely the same atomic mass according to the periodic table. But if they have undergone different changes in velocity, then they would accumulate different amounts of mass as Feynman concludes on page 88 of Six not-so-easy Pieces. At no point do the Relativists attempt to reconcile their change in mass with consistent atomic mass.

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or the full pdf article: Light and Spin


6) What is the Speed of Gravity?

This article condenses the core ideas in this thesis into a single short web-page. It is e
asy to read with references from Hawking and the LIGO experiments. It displays screenshots from the evolutionary algorithm devised for this study which plots how the Alpha Centauri binary system would be effected if gravity travels at the speed of light.

Click this link: What is the Speed of Gravity?


7) Perihelion Precession & N-Body-Gravity

This most recent article (May 2020) includes the solution to 3D-n-body-gravity. It demonstrates how Einstein's adjustent to Newton was based on a simplified 2D model. When you include the Z-axis, the adjustment to Mercury's Perihelion Precession is greater than that which Einstein claimed for his theory. Ultimately, how can they claim to properly have calculated for Einstein's far more complex formulae, when they did not know how to properly calculate for Newton in 3 dimensions?

Click this link: N-body-gravity and Perihelion Precession



proof against relativity

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