Quantum Time and Relative Time

The central problem in understanding time; is that there exists a direct metaphysical contradiction between quantum-time from Planck and relative-time from Einstein. A quantum is the smallest unit possible, so it cannot contract or expand as relativity would have it.

Now quantum-time is a logical necessity, or else we end up in Zeno's paradox, as the essay on Zeno & Planck demonstrates. Quantum-time also reveals the mathematics behind the empirical fact of the gravity-assist (slingshot or whiplash affect) which thus proves that quantum-time is the foundation of quantum-gravity.

Moreover, time-dilation in Special Relativity results in numerous logical contradictions when we consider a system that consists of more than two bodies; as is proven in the dilation of time conundrum. It was also shown that any fluctuation of time results in further logical contradictions in the article on General Relativity and time.

It should also be especially clear to students of philosophy that time is not a true dimension like those of space. The reality of free-will dictates that time moves forward at a regular rate only. If we could travel in time like we can in space, we would be able to cause events in the future and past that contradict our observations of reality.

All of this forces us to realize that time is immaculate. Which means that all variations in the rate of time according to Einstein's theories of Relativity are not only illogical, but also unempirical. Moreover time cannot be infinitely divided, but instead time steps forwards in jumps or quanta at a perfectly regular rate in all parts of the universe equally and precisely. Immaculate time has to be understood as the first foundational physical feature of the material universe, and it is the primary fundamental building-block that exists a priori to Creation itself.




Instant Gravity

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