The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence - August 2014

The results of the analysis on Solar System Formation bare fruit-for-thought quite unexpectedly as far as the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is concerned.

In the light of these results, the most obvious SETI search methodology that I can think of applying would be to (strangely) focus on the signs of the Zodiac. This would be for several reasons. Firstly, if other planets are looking for us they would first notice Jupiter slightly eclipsing the Sun if they looked in our direction from the ecliptic plane. And the ecliptic plane is where the Zodiac is situated. So it would be easiest to communicate with those that have noticed us.

A deeper reason that the Zodiac would be the best part of the sky to search, would be that it is likely that stars and Solar Systems observable on our ecliptic plane would have formed in a similar process to ours; not only in terms of time but in terms of their make-up and origin. As the Sun and Lucifer (the Sun's twin that went nova) split, so their common ancestor would likely have split from a temporally even more distant common paring.

So the union of the Sun and Lucifer were themselves split off from an even greater union. All the subsequent stars would have split due to spin, and they would therefore exist on the same ecliptic plane that was spun out from that Nova's process. That ecliptic plane is precisely where the signs of the Zodiac are situated. A planet with life-forms similar to ours would likely have formed from the same dynamic that gave rise to our solar system itself. This is because their make-up and origin would have the same structure.

So even our existing solar system should have at least one corresponding twin system, which is itself most likely on the same ecliptic plain as us, because it formed from the same spinning structure that we did. It is therefore most probably within the observable Zodiac. This is much the same as the way we can see that our planets all formed by the same process because they are on this same ecliptic plane and have similar angles and periods of rotation about their axes. This would narrow the search by a huge factor.

Now when we search within the Zodiac, the first Solar Systems that we see we will notice due to a Jupiter-like planet eclipsing that remote star precisely because it is on the same ecliptic plane as us. And because of this, it most likely formed at a similar time to us, and from the same celestial origin, and thus it would have similar proportions of the basic chemical elements to us. It would have followed a similar parallel development to us, and therefore there is the greatest likelihood life on such a planet would have evolved to a very similar level of development that we have!

When you consider this, it is not even worth looking anywhere else except the Zodiac. The Zodiac takes up only about 5% of the sky, which means that this analysis will improve the speed with which we find an alien intelligence by 20 times.

More on the analysis on Solar System Formation
Updated - September 2014
Following on from this train of thought, it seems that alien life will have highest probability of existing in a solar system that is most similar to ours in numerous respects. An orange type G star of about the Sun's mass would result in similar conditions on planets around it. Stars that formed in the same cluster would also have similar make-up, origin and therefore similar chemical composition. So stars that are neither red nor blue shifted would have a high likelihood of a similar origin. A star that is moving in a parallel line to the Sun will have the highest likelihood of origin, both in terms of elemental structure, and its development over time.



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