Genealogy and Exponents

Jonathan Ainsley Bain


This analysis was inspired by the ‘mitochondrial Eve’ project.
Consider the following math:

Each generation lasts about 20 years. After 40 years, one has 4 ancestors, etc
20 = 2, 40 = 4, 60 = 8, 80 = 16, 100 = 32, etc.
The formula is :

a = 20 x 2^g
(Number of ancestors = twenty multiplied by two to the power of generations)

400 hundred years ago there were 20 generations, which generates roughly a million ancestors.
800 years produces 1 000 000 000 000
1200 years produces 1 000 000 000 000 000 000
1600 years produces 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
2000 years produces 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000

Of course these are potential ancestors, as somewhere along the line, the same ancestors are going to be counted in more places than one.

Now consider this:
I can easily walk 10 km in a day. The circumference of the Earth is 40 000 km, meaning that if I could walk in a straight line, I would be able to walk around the equator in under 10 years. This is roughly about the same distance as the coastline of the African continent.

Now synthesize the two ideas. Everybody lives next door to somebody. The genes of a person with no technology to speak of could easily migrate across the world in a matter of a few generations. Given the math in A & B, what is a reasonable amount of time to pass before the whole human race is related to itself?

In other words:
How far back to we have to go before we can find a common ancestor for all humanity?

It seems that a good synthesis would be as little as a thousand years. A conservative estimate would be easily 1500 years. No doubt, 2000 years would produce more than a billion billion times more ancestors than required.

Therefore we all have Jesus’ family as common ancestors and most likely Mohamed too. This all seems fine and well. But running the numbers in the other direction is another issue entirely.

If we consider that 10 generations produces 1000 descendants with the number doubling every generation, then it becomes quite easy to see how warfare implodes in no time at all due to overpopulation. If these descendants have an ever-shrinking natural resource, conflict is inevitable without stringent population control. As the quality of education declines due to diminishing resources then the problem compounds.

If, for example, Jacob Zuma’s descendents emulated him by having 25 children then in a mere seven generations there would be as many descendants of Jacob Zuma on the planet as there are people alive in total today. But Jacob Zuma is not the worst offender. Usama Bin Laden was one of 50 children to his father. If all Bin Laden’s father’s descendents followed his bad example then just those descendents would be 100 times the entire population of the world today after a mere 7 generations.

25^7 = 6 billion Zumas after 7 generations.

50^7 = 780 billion Bin Laden’s after 7 generations.

1 Timothy 3:2

So if you ever wondered why there are such strict attitudes to sex, then consider these calculations with fear and trepidation. When one considers that children cannot do such math, then it becomes clear why pedophilia is the worst crime anybody can commit. It makes no sense to suggest that having sex with children is only problematic in the event of pregnancy because children, being children are not going to be able to understand this, nor be able to practice it. Neither will they be able to communicate this to those ever younger, ever less mature children that they propagate! No circle has ever been more vicious than pedophilia.

It makes no sense to talk of condoms, because it requires adult responsibility to be able to use them. It would be safer to allow people to shoot live bullets near each other so long as they were not aiming to kill, than it would be to accept pedophilia. Marital vows are sacred. Socially widespread sexual liberty is a time bomb worse than nuclear weapons. It makes as much sense to suggest it is possible that kids can play with matches in a barn full of hay.

Even a mere three children per family would give a 760% increase in population within a century. That is 50 times as many people within 200 years. Now, do all those horrific wars and pandemic diseases make sense? Are you still trying to blame God for your own lack of foresight and lack of self-control?

Even adults who have lived for half a century do not seem to be able to understand these simple principles. What chance do children have? Have you ever noticed how highly advanced creatures take longest to reach sexual maturity? Think before you Kink!

Homosexuality is no answer to overpopulation as it results in feelings of shame and the desire to compensate with open-ended promiscuity the result. So that idea has the same disastrous consequences, if not worse. On the surface it may have seemed logical that homosexuality could be a solution to overpopulation, but such a knee-jerk reaction simply ignores the disasters in social dysfunction that such psychosis precipitates.

Polygamy is a prime example of such compensation! If you desire more than one wife or more than two children it is because you are trying to amend for something! The underlying causes of such promiscuous ideas as polygamy or polyandry are not necessarily such practices as homosexuality.

But often it is such notions that underpin such problems. Overweening and underweening can both have similar dysfunctional results through opposite mechanisms. Homosexuality itself can be based on the mother rejecting the infant, which often is due to emotional distance from the father.

And that emotional distance is a result of the psychological damage brought from warfare and civil strife. And conflict itself is caused by too many people competing for the same diminished resources! Oi! Abortion dulls the emotions, once more producing that same social distancing, followed by over-compensation. How psychotic attitudes like rape become prevalent is for one sexual taboo after another to break down. As society deteriorates, it becomes more difficult to maintain an even state of mind. Let no individual think they are immune to psychosis. As I watch southern Africans’ numbers increasing at an alarming rate, one can see the moral breakdowns. Even as society advances technologically, morality decays at a faster rate.

When I lectured sex and gender psychology, the academic homosexual community in the psychology fraternity repeatedly pleaded with me to study their problem as I was considered an objective heterosexual without prejudice or vindictiveness. They felt that their own positioning was too close to the problem to understand it. Those particular pleas showed exceptional maturity and insight into a terribly troubling situation.

Sexual activity of any sort promotes sexual activity. The more wayward the ideas are, the more wayward they become with each generation. Virtue is the highest endeavor when trying to stem the flow of population growth out of control. Clarity of thought is the primary activity anyone can pursue. Nobody is perfect, but one must not give up on trying being perfect. That is essential. I am not suggesting that the idea of sex be repressed at all. That produces subconscious desire. But once Pandora’s Box has been opened it cannot be shut.

I will talk about these issues at length in my next book as this discussion remains far, far too brief. But I simply must point out one more fact: Violence promotes subconscious sexual activity. This has been well documented in all manner of creatures.

So using force to try and stop overpopulation just makes it worse.

Genital mutilation is a crass instinct to try and stem the flow. But it compounds the problem due to compensation, fear and subconscious desire. If you are in disagreement that deprivation can provoke compensation then ask yourself how people can be so selfishly inconsiderate as to have so many countless wives and children?

How much more criminality and suffering must the greedy perpetuate to pay for those inhumanly huge families? What feelings of inadequacy and shame can drive such unsustainable pursuits? How can these people be considered to be thinking clearly? What social ignorance in the wider population elevates them to power? How tragic must be the inevitable collapse?

What a dilemma!

I apologize if I have offended anyone - that has never been my intention. But the causes of warfare have to be addressed regardless of how it may offend the mood. The alternative is nuclear war. Don’t let your personal ego make you a part of the problem. Your Soul is immortal. No number of children will change that.

It is a deep tragedy that sexual desire can so cloud the mind, so that some people cannot even see the link between sexuality and violence. Surely it is clear that sex causes children? Surely then, that sexuality has to be contained in a viable structure that can provide for those children? But, the sexual ego does blind the obvious.

Even as I write this, I have given up trying to debate thee points with some people. They just sneer at what is being said with absolute provocation. In the light of such logic, the response is very often to pursue counter-logical behavior even more so. To the point where I just feel that whatever I say, makes no difference to the anti-social state of mind. But I say it anyway and bare their vitriol. The logic has to seep into their subconscious at least. Depression is a horror that is real and we are all susceptible. The more immune you believe yourself to be, the more vulnerable you are.

Depression is alleviated by sexuality. Are we the slaves of neurotransmitters? Perhaps; but do not underestimate the value of antidepressants. Of course, one must not overvalue them either!

True quality of life is a mood. The highest mood is as light as light itself: Enlightenment.





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Genealogy and exponents

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This book was written so that love may flow