.Dark Matter

Dark Matter is simply matter that cannot be seen. It has been detected with gravitational lensing that some matter in the universe is dark matter.

There is nothing unusual about dark matter. It is just matter that gives off little or no energy. But it does emit gravity. All bodies such as planets are essentially dark matter.

Dark matter is a term used to describe matter that is statistically not associated with light-emission from galaxies. After the observation of “gravitational lensing” it was realized that gravity bends light.

Before the observation of gravitational lensing it was assumed that the amount of matter in a galaxy was statistically proportional to the amount light it emitted. But now it could be determined that there was actually more matter than that. The new matter was called “dark matter” because it was not associated with the amount of light emitted by a galaxy.

This thesis suggests that stars are shed from an orbiting pair of super massive bodies, called white holes. Each spiral galaxy has such a pair at its core.

As ordinary matter is shed from the spinning pair of super massive bodies this matter becomes stars. Eventually stars lose their luminosity, often after they go nova and form into planets.

Dark Matter

The graphic above was generated with a computer model. It explains how Galactic Rotation Curves in Spiral Galaxies are formed due to twin centers of gravity.

Note how there is no velocity at the middle. The two centers of gravity move slower than the outer stars. The outer stars move outwards, often at the fastest velocity due to the nature of how the gravity of a twin system interacts with the much smaller bodies trying to orbit them.

The laws of gravity do not need to be altered at all. Everything works according to the basic Newtonian law: g=m/r^2

As the Spiral Galaxy sheds its mass as stars, the light this mass emits is eventually lost and a dark halo of matter then spirals out as Dark Matter.

The many-body-problem was solved in generating these models. The many-body-problem requires quantum gravity to be calculated with quantum time.

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Dark Matter






Dark Matter