The Big Unwind

The Big Unwind

The singularity at the start of the Universe must have been spinning. This 'spin' is Dark Energy, or the mysterious force which counters gravity.

Dark Energy must exist, or else all the matter in the Universe would be swallowed by gravity.

Only spin can explain how gravity is countered in all spheres; as well as explaining the uniform shape to the orbits of: spiral galaxies, stars, planets, and moons; as well as axial rotation, the rings of Saturn, and the equatorial wall on Saturn's moon Iapetus.


big bang alternative video

This quick youtube video explains the dynamic evolution of the singularity and binary pairs generally in visual terms:

Big Unwind Video

(130 seconds)

Or continue reading the transcript in detail below...


The Big Unwind

Without spin existing as a force since the start of the Universe, orbits would not be uniform, they would be eccentric like those of comets; and the ecliptic plane would not exist.

At the start of the Universe the force of spin must have been increasing in order to overcome gravity.

If a 'big bang' were to overcome gravity, the universe would be entropic, without form and without uniformity in its structure. Instead the singularity split through a less dramatic unwinding process.

This is the same mathematical dynamic which occurs when a star goes nova; and it is the precise mathematical model for all major celestial formations.

Spin exists as a quantum entity that cannot be divided. A quantum of spin is precisely:
Planck / 2 x Pi
It cannot be a fraction of this.

Spin as dark energy reduces to solving all the major problems in astrophysics.


The Big Unwind

As the force of spin increases, the singularity begins to split in half due to the centrifugal force.

Star Systems also follow this dynamic, as they require a common spinning origin in order to form the neat binary pairs that most of them do.

A solar system forms when one of a pair of stars goes nova. Our Sun had a twin, which I have called 'Lucifer'. The remains of Lucifer formed our solar system.


The Big Unwind

Lucifer went nova near the start of the Universe.

This I have calculated must be so, because the moon recedes from the Earth at a rate which proves that the Earth-Moon system formed near the start of the Universe.

A star about to go nova begins to wobble as the force of spin becomes more powerful than its gravity. This would be a very similar state to the singularity before it split.


The Big Unwind

The point of separation is explosive, but only from the perspective of light and emitted energy.

From the perspective of gravity and spin, most of the system does not change form as much as the visual perspective reveals.

The only way uniform near-circular orbits can form is via a common spinning origin.

The question remains, however: Is spin an ongoing force, or was it only present as a force at the start of the Universe?


There is a notable difference between conservation of angular momentum and the cause of such.

The classic error is to assume that if an interstellar dust-cloud coagulates then the subsequent increase in velocity can manifest as an increase in angular momentum.

Angular momentum must be conserved, and thus the dust-cloud must be already spinning before it allegedly coagulates to obey this principle.

This is known as the ice-skater effect. A spinning ice-skater pulls her arms inwards and the velocity of her spin increases.

The ice-skater has to kick into the ice to begin spinning before she can demonstrate an increase in angular velocity by pulling her arms inwards. The ice-skater does not begin to spin from a stationary state by pulling her arms inwards !

From the cosmological point of view, what is the 'kick' that gets the alleged dust-cloud spinning?

A cloud of random interstellar dust cannot just start to spin for no reason. Angular momentum must have an origin.

For all the bodies in the cosmos to be spinning to the degree that they are, spin must have been present right from the start of the universe!

When one considers that the densest bodies spin with the greatest angular momentum, then it becomes an even greater imperative to see spin being produced by a fundamental force.

And! Particles randomly distributed will not form neat almost-round orbits under the force of gravity alone. And, they are all spinning in the same direction!? You may need to build your own gravity simulator to see this.


The Big Unwind

If matter were to explode outward, the orbits would be eccentric, there would be no ecliptic plane, celestial bodies would not have similar orbital structures to one another, they would not have similar vertical axes, and most matter would be dispersed and not in large celestial spinning bodies.

The rings of Saturn formed above the equator of Saturn due to their having the same common spinning source as Saturn itself.


The Big Unwind

After the split, each half of the new pair retains some of the spin of the previous body.

This is why nearly all planets and moons spin and orbit in a uniform direction: They had a common spinning origin.

The mathematical likelihood of gravity and the random nature of explosion forming the celestial structures that we see today is a calculation so improbable that it defies estimation.


Iapetus' Wall



The wall around the equator of Iapetus can only have formed in the same way that Saturn's rings formed:

Due to a common spinning origin!

There is no other force that can counteract gravity in such a manner as spin does. The Earth itself formed with a bulge at the equator due to this force.

Equatorial bulges such as these, formed when that part of the body was spinning rapidly in a molten state after the death (or nova) of the Sun's dead twin: the Star Lucifer.

This solution to dark energy has become apparent for many reasons: Solar system formation requires a force of spin. Solar System formation I have proven to be a mathematical impossibility without spin here: how the solar system formed. (You can download the Newtonian gravity software).

On a much larger scale the curious notion of the rotational curves of galaxies, appear to defy
Newton's gravitational law Newton's gravity

This is until it is calculated that spiral galaxies are primarily binary systems as regards their gravitational and mass distribution.

The binary structure of spiral galaxies can only form by the spinning processes described here. The way a pair of stars formed is much the same as the binary structure of spiral galaxies, and the maths is vastly similar to the split of the singularity at the start of the universe.


So spin is a fundamentally necessary force on the scale of moons and solar systems, as well as that of galaxies and even the Big Unwind.

These calculations have been used to solve a number of problems in Astrophysics and Cosmology: dark matter ... dark energy ... Zeno and Planck ... quantum gravity ... the many-body problem ... how the solar system formed ... summary of rotation curves of galaxies ... or see a summary of gravity here: gravity.

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