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This hypothesis is Quantum Relativity. It unifies the core principles of the theories of Relativity with the central ontology of quantum theory. It is based on evolutionary computer models. These applications demonstrate solar system formation and galaxy formation according to the laws of gravity. Accuracy is optimal on the orbit of Mercury to within 8 meters per orbit, consistantly over 237 years of evolution.

Newest 3D-n-body-gravity Simulator: OGS18 - Binary Supernova (23 June 2023)
Latest full-length article: The Solution to 3D-n-body Gravity. (1 May 2020)

Brief article: 3D Quantum Gravity (29 March 2024)
Brief article: The 237 Year planetary Cycle (6 May 2023)
Quick easy videos, a few minutes each: Cosmology Videos.

Free 3D solar system algorithms: orbit-gravity-sim's 13, 14, & 15
Simplified summary: What is the Speed of Gravity? 

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Latest Video (July 2023):
Cosmology Videos

The following articles are quick, easy-to-read, and briefly outline some of my central ideas:

Proof for instant gravity
Proof against black-holes

Time: quantum vs relative
Proof against the big-bang
Proof against all relativity

General relativity orbits
Special relativity orbits
Proof of the Soul

The last article (above) outlines the basic metaphysical logic which has inspired much of this work. If you are the type of reader who values qualitative narrative over quantitative logic, then it is best that you start your journey through this web-site here: A Dream

Recent brief on psychology and metaphysics is here: Relativity and Pseudoscience.

Forum for discussion:

Cosmology Forum

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relativity simulator


The Astrosling
A faster-than-light concept

Relativity Software
Einstein's theories in evolutionary software

Analysis of GW150914
What is the GW150914 phenomenon exactly?



The following full-length articles are the most in-depth analysis on astrophysics, cosmology, and metaphysics you will find anywhere on the planet at the time they were written. These are recommended only for the advanced Theorist:

The Solar System & 3D n-body Gravity - 1 May 2020
Perihelion Precession of all the Planets

Relativity & The Solar System
- 25 February 2018
An extract summary in html abbreviated, or
the full article: Sum Theory - Chapter 30
(5.5 mb pdf, 57 pages - this pdf file is too big for chrome, use firefox)

Relativity Software & The Velocity of Gravity - 11 March 2017
An extract summary in html abbreviated, or
the full article: LIGO - Chapter 29 (4 mb pdf, 37 pages)

Gravitational-Waves & General Relativity - 22 May 2016
An extract summary in html abbreviated, or
the full article: Chapter 28 (1.3 mb pdf, 29 pages)

Revision of Einstein's Special Relativity
- 2014
An extract summary in html abbreviated, or
the full article:
Light and Spin - Chapter 27 (3 mb pdf, 37 pages)


relativity 2018


This thesis began with evolutionary computer models for solar system formation, but then quickly evolved into the solution for spiral galaxy formation. Recent developments include relativity software & the Astrosling, theoretically the fastest route to the stars. Most recently published metaphysical article is proof of free-will and the Soul: Pandora's Contraption.


Faster than Light Spaceship


The thesis also solves Rubin's Problem, and thereby describes the gravitational nature of Dark Matter and the source of Dark Energy in precisely computed mathematical terms, as well as pure philosophical ontology. The Solution to Rubin's problem is to note that spiral galaxies obtain their obscure rotational curves due to spiral galaxies being binary systems spinning in pairs of supermassive bodies or 'white holes', which emit stars at their equators.


Analysis of gw150914 LIGO experiment


Dark Energy is simply 'Spin', or the Cosmic Coriolus force. Without the Cosmic Coriolus force our Universe could not exist with its uniform near-circular gravitational structures. The Cosmic Coriolus counters gravity and is the fifth fundamental force of the universe. It takes the same ontological place that Einstein theorised his Cosmological Constant could be. There was no Big Bang, but instead a Big Unwind.


Cosmology Video - Intro


A list of all the Cosmology videos released so far on this project:

Cosmology Videos


Flight, Light and Spin also offers precise mathematical models for, why the sky is blue, why the moon turns red during the lunar eclipse, and why the moon is slowly receding from the Earth.

A host of other problems are solved, including the ancient riddle known as Zeno's paradox. This particular question is answered by invoking the math of Max Planck.

The results being the solutions to Quantum Gravity and The Many Body Problem. Visit this link for evolutionary computer models: Gravity Simulators. Computer models work not because of randomness but because they are precisely desgined to work. Thus the Universe could only have occurred due to what Aquinas calls the 'Argument from Design': God precisely designed our Universe.



Flight, Light and Spin describes in detail, The Principle of Flight. This theory entails a new type of aircraft: The Entothopter. The Entothopter flies by utilizing the hidden spin of air molecules according to the Equipartition theorem. Spinning molecules generate low pressure vortices that then rise. This is how all winged creatures and machines fly - according to Archimedes Principle. Spin causes displacement, which causes lift.


Videos of the Entothopter:



Chapter Contents:

i. A Dream
ii. The Entothopter
iii. The Principle of Flight
iv. Ezekiel's Flying Machine
v. Why is the Sky Blue ?
vi. Why is the Moon Red During the Lunar Eclipse ?
vii. Why is the Moon Moving Away From the Earth ?
viii. Eclipse
ix. Breathing Water
x. Lightning as a Power Source ?
xi. Rotation Curves of Galaxies
xii. Solar System Formation
xiii. Gravity, Spin, Dark Energy and Dark Matter
xiv. Stephen Hawking’s Dog
xv. Visibility Shield
xvi. Mind-Machine Interface
xvii. Genealogy and Exponents
xviii. The Quest for Pi
xix. Zeno and Planck
xx. Quantum Gravity and The Many Body Problem
xxi. Pandora’s Contraption
xxii. The Big Unwind
xxiii. Nothingness
xxiv. Music of the Spheres
xxv. Positivism
xxvi. Bin Laden Helicopter Crash - No Easy Nights
xxvii. Light and Spin

xxviii. Gravitational-Waves & General Relativity
xxix. GW150914 - A Computational Analysis
xxx. Sum General Theory
xxxi. 3D-N-Body-Gravity
xxxii. Credits



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